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These are just some of our "core" tutorial videos, but they'll give you a good look at how ClickMagick works, and how we can help you optimize and grow your online business.

Check out our Welcome Video for a quick tour of ClickMagick, and then any others that look interesting ...

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Link Tracking 10111 mins
Advanced Link Tracking12 mins
Using Link Rotators14 mins
Advanced Rotators19 mins
A/B Split Testing16 mins
Using Pop Ups10 mins
Using MagickBars11 mins
Using Timers12 mins

We know you probably don't care too much about us,
but here's why you really should.

As marketers one of the first things we learn is that our prospects and customers don't really care much about us - they only care about what we can do for them.

But here's a few things you really SHOULD know about us ...

1 We're 100% dedicated to building the most kick-ass click tracking and marketing optimization platform on the planet for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

We eat, sleep, and breath ClickMagick 24/7 - constantly adding new features to help make your life easier and more profitable. Since 2014 we've helped over 100,000 small businesses and online entrepreneurs, and we're just getting started.

2 We're marketers first. Prior to launching ClickMagick, our founder personally generated over $20 million in revenue via affiliate marketing and lead generation.

We know how to make money online, we know tracking and conversion optimization inside and out, and we're passionate about passing on what we've learned over the past 20 years to our awesome customers.

3 We have in-house, full-time developers on our team, and nothing is outsourced. We can iterate faster than probably any software provider you've ever dealt with, and we encourage you to challenge us with your feedback and suggestions.

Unlike the guy who outsourced some "script" to a random coder on the other side of the world - and who doesn't even know how it really works - we respond to feedback, fix bugs, and add new features in a matter of hours and days - not months or years.

4 We believe in the SaaS ("Software as a Service") model, and you should too.

When you buy a script or a service for a one-time fee the developer has no incentive to continue improving and supporting the product - which means you're usually left high and dry with an abandoned "beta" product.

Our model allows us to focus 110% on continuing to improve ClickMagick for you, as opposed to churning out new "product launches" every few months.

5 We've got your back! Simply put, our only business is helping you to grow your online business as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

When you need help we'll always be here, and our average response time is under an hour. If there's something special you need we can often add it for you in a matter of days. And if you're not 110% thrilled we'll give you a full refund any time.

If you're serious about growing your online business, let us prove it to you. Give ClickMagick a try.

And if you don't absolutely love it, I invite you to email me personally at patrick at clickmagick dot com and let me know how we can make ClickMagick even better.

Patrick Kelly & The ClickMagick Crew

"The easiest tool I've come across for both tracking ..."

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