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What is “Direct Linking” and can I do it with ClickMagick?

Direct Linking describes the practice of sending visitors directly from an ad straight to an affiliate link.

Most major ad platforms like Google Ads and Facebook do not allow this because you aren’t providing any value to the user compared to the thousands of other affiliates promoting the same offer.

Instead, you should first build at least a simple landing page where you provide additional information to the user and “pre-sell” them before sending them off to your affiliate link, and then promote your own URL in your ads.

Does the ClickMagick application allow for direct linking?

In general, we don’t recommend direct linking as a viable way to make money as an affiliate marketer.

With that being said, you can certainly use a ClickMagick Tracking Link to direct link if you really want to.

Does ClickMagick provide support for direct linking via live chat or the help desk?

No, we do not provide support for direct linking via live chat or the help desk.

ClickMagick was not built for or meant to be used by affiliate marketers who only do direct linking.

If you’re an existing user, you’ve been using ClickMagick for awhile for other things, and you want to dabble with direct linking and have a question or two then we’re happy to help …

But if you have just recently signed up for ClickMagick, you have no other business and you only want to use ClickMagick for direct linking, then we will not be able to provide support for this.

Our Knowledge Base contains hundreds of step-by-step tutorials, most with videos and screenshots, that show you how to do anything you want with ClickMagick – including direct linking – but if you need further help we’d recommend you find a good affiliate marketing course or hire a “coach.”

Article 433 Last updated: 07/17/2021 8:40:04 AM