Hi, I'm Patrick. Founder of ClickMagick, and digital marketer for 27 years now.

Before launching ClickMagick in 2014, I generated over 2 million leads, over 100,000 customers and tens of millions in revenue online.

And I can tell you with 100% certainty that a huge part of my success was my rare ability to track and optimize every click down to the penny.

My competitors couldn't figure out how I was able to spend so much money on advertising — or how I was able to launch profitable marketing campaigns so quickly — and do it over and over again ...

And that's why I started ClickMagick — to share this "super power" with you.

Because the bottom line is that if you're not tracking, testing and optimizing your online marketing the way you should — you're leaving money on the table.

Money that should be going straight to your bottom line ... pure profit.

Listen ...

If you're relying on the stats you see in your ad networks or other marketing apps, you're losing money.

If you're just using a simple "click tracker," you're losing money.

If you think keeping track of "money in, money out" is enough, you're losing money.

But that's okay. We obsess over tracking — so you don't have to.

And with advanced features like seamless cross-device and offline sales tracking — things normally reserved for the "big guys" — ClickMagick truly is a must-have tool for any small business advertising online.

And it just keeps getting better and better — we've added new features every single month for the past 8 years and we're not stopping any time soon.

But that's not even what we're most proud of, which is our Fanatical Support.

We know how frustrating it is when you submit a support ticket, wait an entire day or two, and then when you finally get a reply it doesn't even actually help you ...

And that's why we offer live chat support.

Even for the most complex issues which require opening a ticket, we'll always get back to you within a few hours.

And if you're really stuck, we'll even jump on a Zoom call and walk you through your solution!

This will almost certainly be the best support you've ever received ...

... because unlike other companies that use low-paid, outsourced "customer support" reps who've never been in the trenches, we have real marketers with decades of experience who'll be working with you.

In closing, my goal is that when you see the ClickMagick charge on your credit card you'll think it was the best money you spent all month on your business.

And I'm betting you will. So grab your free trial and let us prove it to you.

And if you don't absolutely love ClickMagick, go ahead and email me personally — patrick@clickmagick.com — and I'll see what I can do to help.

Yours in success,


Patrick Kelly & The ClickMagick Crew

“Set to be the standard for tracking in this industry.”