Facebook Ads | Conversions API (cAPI)

Everything you need to know about tracking and optimizing Facebook Ads in 2023

... to get even better results than before the whole iOS mess started.

Patrick Kelly  |     December 29, 2022  |     Estimated Read Time: 5 Minutes

Listen, this whole iOS and Facebook thing really isn’t that big of a deal.

And it really pains me to see so many marketers wasting so much time and money over it.

Here's everything you need to know about tracking and optimizing your Facebook Ads in 2023 ...

Facebook's ability to track your clicks and conversions is worse than ever

Facebook's tracking is now crippled by a short 7-day attribution window ...

Which means any sales you get more than 7 days after an ad click aren't even tracked at all.

They also suffer from “greedy attribution” and take credit for every conversion you get (within that 7 day window) regardless of when or where a Facebook ad click occured in the visitor's journey.

Believe it or not, Facebook's stats are also estimated, "modeled," and delayed.

By their own admission, none of their stats are actually real values — they're all just "guesstimates."

And on top of all that, Facebook can no longer track iOS users who opt-out of tracking (96% of users do!)

So the first thing you must understand — if you want to do this right — is that you simply cannot rely on Facebook's stats for making important marketing decisions.

Advertising success starts with accurate data. Without it, everything else just falls apart.

(Sorry, Google Analytics has most of these same problems and it's ridiculously inaccurate as well.)

And this bad data is all they have to try to optimize your ads

Bear with me, this gets a little technical ...

The Facebook pixels you have on all your pages right now are feeding bad conversion data back to Facebook 24/7.

And that's what they're using to optimize your ads.

But because they're using bad data, your Event Match Quality scores aren't great ...

Which means they aren't able to optimize your ads very well.

You see, your Facebook Event Match Quality score indicates how effective your conversion data is at matching specific conversions to individual Facebook users.

The higher the match rate, the more Facebook knows about the type of people who are likely to engage with your business, and the better they can optimize your ads.

But when your match scores are anything less than "great", it means there's lots of room for improvement ...

Which leads to improved ad optimization, and more conversions at the lowest cost possible.

So they created the Facebook Conversions API ...

Facebook just cannot do all this very well on their own anymore.

So they created the Facebook Conversions API (or cAPI for short) and they need YOUR help.

It's all super technical, but in a nutshell here's how it works ...

Each time you get a sale — or any type of conversion that you want to optimize for — Facebook wants you to programmatically send information about that visitor back to Facebook.

They'll try to match the user data you send to a specific Facebook user profile, and if there's a match they can then use what they know about that user to get a little better at optimizing your ads.

This is the only way to improve Facebook's ability to optimize your ads ...

And you only have two options here — build this all yourself or use an existing third-party app.

And now you can actually get better results than before

When integrating with Facebook's Conversions API, there's a whole bunch of user data you can send.

At a minimum you'll want to send the user's IP address, browser user agent, and a Facebook Click ID if it exists.

This is what most third-party apps send for you ...

But it's the bare minimum, and it gets you minimum results.

The whole "secret" to all of this, if there is one, is that you need to send as much user data as possible.

Especially the user's email address or phone, which almost guarantees a match.

It's really simple. The more user data you send ...

The higher your Facebook Event Match Quality Score ...

And the better Facebook can optimize your ads.

Here's a screenshot straight from Facebook showing all the data you can send them ...

Once you're sending Facebook as much of this user data as you can, you're done.

You're guaranteed the highest match scores and the best ad optimization Facebook is capable of.

With a bit of time you should actually see better Facebook Ads results than ever ...

... because even before this whole iOS apocalypse Facebook's conversion data wasn't terribly accurate.

And you can finally just forget about this whole thing and get back to growing your business.

Want some help solving your Facebook Ads problems once and for all, right now?

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There are really only a handful of apps that can do all of this, and most of them cost $400-500+ a month.

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