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What if I exceed my plan's click limit?

During your free trial there are no limits. After your trial, if you exceed your plan limit by 10% or more, you'll be upgraded to the next highest plan that accomodates your actual usage.

Is there a minimum commitment?

Absolutely not. There are no signup fees, cancellation fees, contracts or minimum terms. You can use ClickMagick for as short or as long as you want, and you can cancel any time.

Is there anything I CAN'T track with ClickMagick?

Due to massive uncontrollable click fraud problems, ClickMagick does NOT track traffic from "bulk" traffic sites, auto-surf traffic exchanges, or Pay-Per-View (PPV) traffic platforms.

These traffic sources generate tons of fake clicks, cause problems for our users and unnecessary support tickets for us, and we simply don't want this type of traffic associated with our platform.

You can't track adult traffic with ClickMagick either, for most of the same reasons - we just don't want all of the scams and fraud inherent to adult traffic to be associated with our platform.

Finally, you may not use ClickMagick tracking links for "unsubscribe" links in emails.

"Set to be the standard for tracking links in this industry."

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