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DIY/CRM Tracking vs. ClickMagick

Stepping over dollars to pick up pennies doesn't make sense ...
  • Hi, I’m Patrick — the founder of ClickMagick.

    I agree, our competitors' pricing can be prohibitively expensive ...

    And you might be inclined to open up a spreadsheet, fire up your CRM, and try to figure out this tracking stuff yourself.

    But that's a terrible idea too.

    Here's how ClickMagick can help you level up your ad tracking and conversion attribution, better optimize your ads, increase ROAS, save you a ton of time, eliminate all the hassle and frustration, and grow your business ...

    All for about 5 bucks a day.

    Patrick Kelly, Founder
  • Click Tracking

    Industry-leading bot filtering ensures the highest accuracy.

    Accurate click tracking isn't quite as simple as it sounds ...

    For example, tools like your landing page builder or CRM simply count the number of raw requests or "hits" to your webpages.

    But you can’t even begin to talk about accurate stats until you first filter out all the bots, crawlers and other automated clicks that pollute your stats ...

    And the other marketing apps you use just can't do this.

    On the other hand, ClickMagick has the most advanced bot filtering system of its kind — trained on billions and billions of clicks over the past 10 years.

    No other tracking app even comes close to ClickMagick’s bot filtering.

    We automatically “flag” and separate bot and other automated clicks from your main stats so things like your conversion rates are as accurate as possible.

  • Conversion Attribution

    We’ve been perfecting accurate attribution for over 10 years.

    Both your CRM and ClickMagick build "visitor profiles" to track everything your visitors do — things like clicking an ad, opting in, or making a purchase.

    Again, it sounds simple, but there's a lot that goes in to doing this accurately — and there's no substitute for experience.

    And with the other apps you use, tracking is just an afterthought.

    For example, if the same person opts-in to your list 3 times using different emails, other apps are going to show 3 opt-ins when you really had just one.

    Or if they switch to private browsing mode just before entering their credit card info — which happens more than you'd think — other apps aren't going to track that properly back to the ad or source that generated the customer.

    Here at ClickMagick we’ve been perfecting accurate attribution for over 10 years now — based on the billions of clicks and sales we’ve processed for over 100,000 performance marketers and small businesses.

    And you're just not going to get anywhere near the level of accuracy ClickMagick provides from the other marketing apps you use.

  • Attribution Models

    ClickMagick’s multi-touch attribution reveals what’s really working — top, middle and bottom of funnel.

    The only attribution model used by apps like your CRM is known as "last click."

    This is where credit for a conversion like an opt-in or sale is simply given to the last click right before the conversion happens.

    Last click is generally good at showing you what gets people to buy ...

    But it doesn’t give you any insight at all into top and middle of funnel performance, so you can’t rely only on last click attribution.

    You can't scale cold traffic acquisition campaigns with last click, for example.

    In addition to last click, ClickMagick provides advanced multi-touch attribution models — like Linear, Position-Based and Time Decay ...

    ... which provide even deeper insights on how the different pieces of your marketing are performing, and help you scale like never before ...

    Because you’ll be able to fully optimize the different steps in your funnel independently, rather than your entire funnel as a whole.

  • Stats & Reporting

    ClickMagick gives you one-of-a-kind stats and the reports you need.

    Your CRM might give you basic stats like sales and conversion rate ...

    But ClickMagick gives you one-of-a-kind stats and reports to help you optimize your ads and your sales funnel.

    Like ROAS24 — a ClickMagick exclusive — which tells you if you’re making or losing money on the frontend of your funnel.

    ClickMagick has better and more visual reporting as well.

    For example, in ClickMagick you can see a visual “user journey” for any visitor, showing a timeline of all their clicks, purchases and other activity.

    There’s also our Funnel Steps Report which paints a visual picture of the different paths visitors take through your funnel, and gives you the data you need to optimize your funnel for the most profitable paths ...

    And our LTV report which reveals exactly how much a customer is worth, for any traffic source, over any period of time.

    You just don’t get this kind of valuable data from the other apps you use.

  • Ad Optimization

    Only ClickMagick Audience Optimization™ allows you to create advanced rules.

    Your CRM may have a basic integration with the Facebook and Google Ads conversion APIs ...

    But only ClickMagick Audience Optimization™ allows you to create advanced rules and gives you full control over how your various conversions are sent to your various ad network pixels.

    This allows you to, for example, send your opt-ins to one pixel and your sales to another pixel, or send low ticket buyers and high ticket buyers to different pixels — allowing you to optimize campaigns for different objectives.

    ClickMagick also allows you to achieve the highest “match scores” possible.

    For example, when sending conversions to Facebook you can send up to 15 customer data points. ClickMagick lets you send all 15, but I've never seen a CRM that sends more than a few.

    And sending more data is always going to generate higher match scores and lead to better ad optimization.

  • Click Fraud Protection

    Only ClickMagick ClickShield™ protects your ad budget.

    Despite the ad networks’ best efforts, the bots I mentioned earlier are even “clicking” your paid ads.

    Then you’ve got competitors, and other people doing “market research” clicking your ads ...

    And even your own existing users who search for you on Google and click your paid ad every time they want to get back to your site — which happens more often than you can imagine, and is costing you a small fortune.

    The other marketing apps you use don't protect you from any of this.

    But ClickMagick ClickShield™ protects your ad budget by allowing you to set up simple rules to define the type of click behavior that’s acceptable to your business, and block the rest ...

    Which means less ad spend for the same number of conversions.

  • Experience & Support

    Going it alone means confusion, stress, and lots of time wasted.

    ClickMagick has helped over 100,000 small businesses with tracking and attribution. I'd guess we have more experience with this than anyone.

    And we're pretty well-known for our amazing support.

    At ClickMagick, we offer onboarding calls, live chat, fast responses to tickets submitted in our help desk, and even Zoom support if you need it.

    And many users have told us our support is better than anything they've ever experienced before, because ...

    Our team consists of real marketers with tons of experience — not low-paid, outsourced “customer support” reps who've never run an ad.

    You just can't get help like this anywhere else, and with all the recent changes in the industry I really can't stress just how valuable this is.

It's a simple math problem

ClickMagick wouldn’t exist if relying on spreadsheets and your CRM for tracking and attribution was a viable option.

And your choice is really just a simple math problem ...

As discussed above, there are a whole bunch of issues with trying to go the DIY/CRM route — and the reason we’ve helped over 100,000 small businesses is because we fix it all for about 5 bucks a day. ClickMagick just makes sense.

ClickMagick TrueTracking® gives you best-in-class tracking and conversion attribution ...

Every click. Every conversion. Every journey in between. Exactly as it happened ...

You can finally optimize your marketing based on your actual results ...

And we’ll automatically send your true conversion data back to your ad networks in real-time ...

Leveraging first-party data collected on your website or in your online store ...

Which leads to improved ad optimization, and more conversions at the lowest cost possible.

Learn more or sign up for a free trial and get started right now. You can have everything up and running in about an hour, and I guarantee you’ll be blown away by the results.

And if you have any questions, feel free to email me personally —

Patrick Kelly, Founder

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